The Friends of Ness Gardens

The Gentian magazine
the client
The Friends of Ness Gardens is a registered charity with the sole aim of supporting Ness Botanic Gardens, the University of Liverpool's 64 acre botanic garden, situated in South Wirral. The Friends raise money for the Gardens through the subscriptions of their members, donating 80% outright to the Gardens, and using the remainder for discretionary grants for special projects... 
promotional roll ups aimed at attracting adult and family memberships (photography by Big Drum, wording supplied by the Friends)
the work
We have a long association with the Gardens, working with the Curator for many years and separately with the Friends, which is run autonomously. We produce a variety of marketing materials for the Friends including exhibition panels and promotional leaflets as well as all their official forms and stationery, and their annual report. Nearly all the photography within these documents has been taken by us; wording is often supplied by the Friends.
We also design and produce the three editions of The Gentian every year, keeping Friends informed of changes within the Gardens, their events programme and articles of horticultural and botanical interest.
Our own love of horticulture is a great help in producing this work and makes it a real pleasure, as well as a valued project.
the detailed forms needed for gift subscriptions and memberships require clarity of design and precision
the annual report and statement of accounts
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