A little bit about us... 
We're based in Wirral, Merseyside where we've spent years doing all the stuff you might be looking for now - graphic design, corporate id, websites, photography, exhibitions, pr, copywriting, adverts, campaigns - the lot. 
In all modesty, after decades of experience, we do them rather well.
Jon's the graphic designer and web geek, Jen's the journalist and pr person. We're a husband-and-wife team, so working late and at weekends to get clients' urgent jobs done is not only possible, it's very familiar territory. 
We don't want to get rich, we just want to stay happy, so we only work with people we like. (We like a lot of people, so that's not usually a problem). And we give a really  top-end, friendly service in very relaxed surroundings for a price that doesn't make your eyes water. 
If you like the sound of that, you're more than likely to like working with us, too.
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